Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Quote: Post K.O. hits caused Street Fighter IV to crash

Those who have played the first Street Fighter IV title know that the game allowed players to add insult to injury by hitting their opponent after a K.O. victory. That ability was removed in future versions and now we know why.

"From what I've gathered internally, it's actually because the post K.O. hits caused the game to glitch out occasionally and the easiest method to rectify the glitch was by removing post K.O. hits from the game. As much fun as it may be to hit the body, if it's crashing the game, it has to go." 

You crash, you burn. Gamers hoping to see the return of post K.O. hits in Ultra Street Fighter IV may not want to hold their breath. Combofiend took to the Capcom Unity forums (via EventHubs) to explain why the ability to wallop an opponent following a victory was removed.