Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PS Vita version of Yatagarasu renamed Legend of Raven

The PS Vita will be receiving Yatagarasu but under a new name. Owners of the Sony handheld can say hello to Legend of Raven.

Different platform, different name.

Yatagarasu has become a crowdfunding success. Thanks to their Indiegogo efforts, Nicalis will be releasing the game on the PC with a slew of features. One of those being the commentary team of Maximilian, James Chen and Ultra David. Another being GGPO online play.

But that's not where it ends.

Nicalis has announced Yatagarasu is coming to the PS Vita with a new name. The handheld fighter is being called Legend of Raven.

Below are the features for the PS Vita version.

  • Featuring Eight exquisitely, hand-animated characters by King of Fighters artist, Kotani Tomoyuki. Every character features their own unique set of special attacks and super moves 
  • Enhanced from the original. Featuring a new soundtrack, parallaxing backgrounds, ad-hoc versus play and more! 
  • Innovative parry and damage mitigation systems allows for a multitude of defensive options. Execute well-timed counter attacks to turn the tide of battle. 
  • Flawless Local Play! Battle nearby friends with lag-free ad hoc Versus mode!