Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick Quote: KoF XIII Steam Edition to be fusion of Arcade and Xbox 360 versions

If you like both the Climax Arcade and Xbox 360 versions of King of Fighters XIII, then you're going to like what's in store for the Steam Edition. Get more details inside.

"KOFXIII S.E will be a fusion of KOFXIII CLIMAX and the Xbox360 version of KOFXIII. The gameplay of KOFXIII S.E. is based on KOFXIII CLIMAX. The UI, menus, and configs are based on the Xbox 360 version of KOFXII." 

If you need another reason to be excited for King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition, here's one. The gameplay will be based off the Climax Arcade version according to an official SNK Playmore statement on Steam. The menus will look and flow like the Xbox 360 version.