Friday, August 16, 2013

Watch Summer Jam VII here (Aug. 17-18)

The seventh Summer Jam tournament event is set. Watch the live stream from Philly and engage in the chat inside.

Summer Jam VII is here.

The Sheraton Suites Hotel plays host to Summer Jam VII (Aug. 17-18) in Philadelphia, PA. Big E Gaming is running the tournament, which has earned many sponsorships including Gaming Vision Network, Namco Bandai, Mad Catz, Team Sp00ky, Team Ninja and Team BiFu.

There will be tons of games on display including Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us and many more. Below is the stream schedule in the eastern timezone (via SRK).

Team Sp00ky


11am: AE2012 Teams

1pm: UMVC3 Teams

3 pm: AE2012 Singles

6:30 pm: UMVC3 Singles

8 pm: Exhibitions


10 am: SCV top 4

11 am: KOF XIII top 4

12 pm: DOA5 top 4

1 pm: TTT2 top 4

2 pm: Injustice top 8

4 pm: SFxT top 4

5:30 pm: Break

6 pm: AE2012 top 8

8 pm: UMVC3 top 8

Team Bifuteki


12 pm: DOA5 teams

2 pm: TTT2 pools

5 pm: DOA5 pools

6 pm: SCV singles

8 pm: TTT2 singles top 8 to top 4


12 pm: SFxT pools

2 pm: AE2012 semi-finals

4 pm: UMVC3 semi-finals

Kombat Network


1 pm: MK9 singles

3 pm: Injustice teams

5 pm: Injustice pools

8 pm: MK9 top 4

9 pm: Injustice singles to top 8



Kick Punch Block


4 pm: KOF XIII pools


1 pm: KOF XIII teams

Bibiquadium (Subject to change)


2 pm: P4U pools

5 pm: BB:CSE singles

7 pm (or after BB): GG: AC +R singles

9 pm: P4U singles top 8

Team Sp00ky's live stream and chat can be seen below. Also below are the links to the other airings. You can also view all Summer Jam VII streams on our homepage.

Summer Jam VII Bifuteki Stream

Summer Jam VII Kombat Network

Summer Jam VII Kick Punch Block Stream

Summer Jam VII Bibiquadium