Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Quote: New Ultra Street Fighter IV characters definitely not copy and pasted from SFxT

When in doubt, call Tomoaki Ayano. The Street Fighter producer has been busy with the press lately and this time he talks about bringing Street Fighter x Tekken characters to Ultra Street Fighter IV.

“Users do not need to worry because the new characters will definitely not just be copy and pasted from Street Fighter x Tekken. If we did that, they would undoubtedly be the strongest characters in the game. The reason for this is down to the difference in gameplay systems, most notably Boost Combos. Boost Combos formed the basis of the battle system in Street Fighter x Tekken and do not exist in Street Fighter IV. Besides adjusting the characters for a game engine without Boost Combos, each will need to have many moves added as well, such as Ultra Combos and Super Combos. A simple rip wouldn’t allow us to make the necessary changes, so a lot of work is going on behind the scenes.”

Besides giving his thoughts on a Street Fighter V release date and the free-to-play market, Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano is also explaining why Hugo, Poison, Rolento and Elena won't be just Street Fighter x Tekken ripoffs in Ultra Street Fighter IV (via VG247). The argument used here is that in the lack of Boost Combos in Ultra, the new characters will have to be adjusted to the engine as well as the addition of moves.