Monday, July 15, 2013

Evo 2013 Top 8 Results

Image via EvoSRK
The 2013 Evo tournament is history. See the top eight results from the world's most renowned fighting game event inside.

Pack it up.

Every year the question gets asked, "How can Tom Cannon and Mr. Wizard top last year's Evo?" Once the dust settles, the question is answered and the latest event stands unopposed as the most hyped one.

Evo 2013 was no exception. From Reynald's resurgence from the King of Fighters XIII losers bracket to Justin Wong's amazing comebacks with Akuma in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this year's Evo was one to remember.

Ice Climbers, anyone?

In total, nine major games were played. These titles were Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Super Smash Bros. Melee, King of Fighters XIII, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter x Tekken 2013, Mortal Kombat 9 and Persona 4 Arena.

Side tourneys included Skullgirls and Divekick. Both games were showcased for one hour each on the main stream on Saturday night (July 13).

Here are the top eight results for the main and side tournaments (via SRK).

AE 2012
First Place: DM MCZ Xian (Gen)
2nd: MCZ Tokido (Akuma)
3rd: Infiltration (Akuma, Hakan)
4th: EG PR Balrog (Balrog, Fei Long)
5th: TEAM HORI Sako (Evil Ryu, Ibuki)
5th: Haitani (Makoto, Rufus)
7th: MCZ Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
7th: AVM GamerBee (Adon)

First Place: FS EMP Flocker (Zero/Vergil/Hawkeye)
2nd: EG Justin Wong (Wolverine/Storm/Akuma, Wolverine/Spencer/Frank West)
3rd: Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath)
4th: Cloud805 (Zero/Vergil/Dante)
5th: coL Filipino Champ (Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom, Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
5th: AGE NYChrisG (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Magneto, Amaterasu/Morrigan/Phoenix)
7th: Ranmasama (Haggar/Dormammu/Magneto)
7th: ATX Zack (Zero/Vergil/Dante)

First Place: VxG EMP KDZ (Superman)
2nd: Crazy DJT88 (Green Lantern, Doomsday)
3rd: AGE NYChrisG (Green Arrow, Black Adam)
4th: EGP FLK MF Slayer909 (Superman)
5th: EMPR Theo (Superman)
5th: RDK Godspeed (Black Adam, Aquaman)
7th: VxG EMP REO (Batman)
7th: EG PR Balrog (Killer Frost)

First Place: Mango (Fox, Falco)
2nd: Wobbles (Ice Climbers)
3rd: CT Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
4th: Armada (Peach)
5th: VGBC Dr. PeePee (Falco)
5th: CT EMP Mew2King (Sheik, Marth, Fox)
7th: Shroomed (Dr. Mario)
7th: Ice (Sheik/Zelda)

First Place: AS Reynald (EX Kyo/Benimaru/Chin, EX Kyo/Benimaru/Kim, Kim/Benimaru/Chin, Benimaru/Takuma/Chin)
2nd: Woo (Ryo/Takuma/Kim, Ryo/Kim/Mai)
3rd: CafeId RZR MadKOF (King/Duo Lon/King/Kim, King/Shen/Kim)
4th: MCZ Tokido (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim)
5th: CafeId RZR Verna (Duo Lon/Mr. Karate/Kim, Duo Lon/Mr. Karate/Iori)
5th: DM MCZ Xian (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/EX Kyo, Elisabeth/EX Iori/EX Kyo)
7th: AGE Romance (King/Yuri/Benimaru)
7th: Fox (Ryo/Mr. Karate/Chin, Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori)

First Place: CafeId Knee (Devil Jin/Bruce, Dragunov/Marduk, Heihachi/Lars)
2nd: Eightarc Bronston (Ogre/Jinpachi)
3rd: AGE StringBean (Bob/Alisa)
4th: CafeId NIN (Devil Jin/Lars)
5th: AGE JustFrame James (Yoshimitsu/Marshall Law, Hwoarang/Marshall Law)
5th: MoneyInc Kayyal (King/Armor King)
7th: Eightarc Mateo (Jack-6/Feng, Bob/Slim Bob)
7th: MoneyInc EddieBoyMang (Christie/Eddy)

SFxT 2013
First Place: Infiltration (Jin/Alisa)
2nd: EG Justin Wong (Hwoarang/Chun-Li)
3rd: MOV (Law/Cammy, Law/Nina)
4th: LU Alex Valle (Yoshimitsu/Lars)
5th: SCE TZA (Chun-Li/Law)
5th: CafeId Poongko (Nina/Kazuya, Ryu/Kazuya)
7th: KS Jibbo (Sagat/Jin)
7th: Esuta (Law/King, Law/Bob)

First Place: Crazy DJT88 (Cyrax)
2nd: VxG EMP REO (Kabal)
3rd: My God 88 (Sonya Blade, Liu Kang)
4th: Forever King 88 (Kung Lao)
5th: Fnatic Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
5th: GGA 16 Bit (Kitana)
7th: RDK CORN Detroit Balln (Kabal)
7th: Wound Cowboy 88 (Shang Tsung)

First Place: Yume (Aigis)
2nd: Lord Knight (Mitsuru Kirijo)
3rd: BananaKen (Shadow Labrys)
4th: Brkrdave (Teddie)
5th: DIE-chan (Mitsuru Kirijo)
5th: HC (Stunedge) (Yukiko Amagi)
7th: Domi (Akihiko Sanada)
7th: Spark (Teddie)

First Place: Duckator (Valentine/Filia/Double)
2nd: Severin (Parasoul/Filia/Double)
3rd: Chilldog (Cerebella/Peacock/Filia)
4th: Khaos Muffins (Ms. Fortune)
5th: Inuchiyo 5131 (Ms. Fortune/Filia)
5th: TJ Gamer 22 (Cerebella/Peacock)
7th: CFAS Keninblack (Parasoul/Double)
7th: Winnie (Filia/Double)

First Place: Mean Saltine (Kick)
2nd: Kerahime (Dive, Kung Pao)
3rd: Adelheid Stark (S-Kill)
4th: CPFT|SirToons (S-Kill)
5th: G (Kung Pao, Dive)
5th: Phoeniks (Dive)
7th: ORLY (Dive)
7th: BubblanAB7 (The Baz)