Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick Tidbit: Tekken Revolution 1.01 patch available now, includes training mode, Hwoarang and Dragunov

The 1.01 patch for Tekken Revolution has made its way to PSN. Get more details inside.

Hwoarang and Dragunov have made their way to Tekken Revolution along with the 1.01 patch. Below is a list of changes that come with the patch.

• Coin free training mode. Stages can be played with or without walls here. Optional display of a command list.
• Hwoarang and Dragunov are now playable.
• Level cap increased from 50 to 60, top rank upped from Pugilist to Savior.
• Online match filter to play against people without using enhancements. • New Arcade mode difficulty levels, Hard and Very Hard. These modes net extra rewards, 1.5x and 2x, respectively. Also, there's a chance rare versions of enemies will appear.
• Effect of Power, Endurance and Vigor has been adjusted.
• Damage calculation for Critical Hits and Rage adjusted.
• Customize the look of your characters with costumes and premium effects.
• Reset drink restores your character's stat points and fight money so you can reassign them. First time is free, after that you'll have to pay for this privilege.
• Various bugs fixed and improvements made, which aren't detailed.