Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EMP and VxG end partnership, TriForce distances himself from the FGC

The once thriving partnership between VxG and EMP has come to a mutual end. Head inside to learn more about the end of this agreement.

Trouble in paradise.

Empire Arcadia's (EMP) resurrection in the fighting game community (FGC) was made loud and clear when the team partnered up with Video x Games (VxG). It appears that even though there was mutual respect from both parties, the relationship has ceased.

VxG took to Twitter to announce the following:

With the split, many have questioned EMP's future. It wasn't until the strong partnership with VxG began that EMP started to make a comeback in the FGC. Despite the concerns, the team assured their Twitter followers that things are just business as usual.

While EMP will continue to handle their operations without seemingly missing a beat, one thing will not remain the same. The team's founder, Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson has revealed that any direct involvement with him and the FGC has been put to a halt.