Monday, July 22, 2013

Injustice: Batman 56-percent midscreen combo by Gamer Blake (Video)

The fighting game community is never lacking when it comes to combos. A new Batman combo for Injustice: Gods Among Us demonstrates why that is.

Gamer Blake has taken control of Batman in Injustice: Gods Among Us and the results are damaging. To the tune of 56-percent, this combo causes your opponent's health bar to take a hit. Below are the inputs which have been simplified by the uploader.


4, jump-in 2 1 2 3, jump-3, 1 2 3, b2 3 4, Super Move (L2 + R2)

Key Legend:

f = forward
b = backwards
u = up
d = down

1 = Square for PS3, X for Xbox 360
2 = Triangle for PS3, Y for Xbox 360
3 = X for PS3, A for Xbox 360
4 = Circle for PS3, B for Xbox 360

Meter-Burn = R2 for PS3, RT for Xbox 360

Interact = R1 for PS3, RB for Xbox 360