Monday, July 22, 2013

Tekken Revolution to receive "major update" by the end of July

A new update will make its why to Tekken Revolution by the end of this month. Get more details on what this update will bring inside.

Time for a boost.

It appears the free to play approach is working for Tekken Revolution and Namco Bandai will continue to support the game in big ways. A "major update" is coming to North America at the end of July. Europe will receive the update on July 24.

The upcoming update will offer gamers the option to purchase costumes and premium effects. A practice mode will also be added and will not require coins. Players will also be able to compete without character enhancements being enabled.

There will also be some game balance changes. Here's a list:

Game Balance Changes
  • Effect of Power, Endurance, Vigor has been adjusted
  • Damage calculation for Critical Hits has been Adjusted
  • Damage calculation for Rage has been adjusted
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Some game areas have been improved