Thursday, February 9, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Climax Partial change log

Earlier this week, SNK Playmore revealed an arcade update to King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) dubbed "Climax" will be undergoing location tests in Japan this weekend.

Now, the developers of KoF XIII have unveiled a partial change log through their Japanese website. Fortunately, MMCafe has provided a translation.

See the partial change log below:

- Shen will no longer receive a counter hit penalty when he’s hit during his Far C
- Shen will gain some power meter when he bounces off anything stronger than an EX projectile with his Danken(Projectile parry)

- Fixed issue where Ralf and Raiden’s positions will change and command has be input in reverse when doing Bareback Vulcan (DM) > MAX Cancel >NEOMAX

- Fixed Normal throw so that it no longer raises the opponent’s meters.

- Fixed issue where doing cl.D>HD bypass will make the characters switch position when the opponent is facing back

- Took out invincibility on HD bypass

- Changed damage on short hop & hyper hop C from 72 to 70

Flame Iori
- Fixed issue where MAX canceling too late from normal Maiden Masher wouldn’t target lock the NEOMAX.
- Changed input frames for canceling from Maiden Masher.
- Fixed issue where repeatedly blocking low would display his standing block for a split moment.

- Changed cr.B so that it can be HD bypassed.