Thursday, August 1, 2013

Site Update: FightVG adding more content on YouTube

FightVG has been posting tons of live streams on Twitch TV. Now it's time to put those replays on YouTube as well as other content. Find out what this means for the site inside.

The more the better.

Twitch TV has offered FightVG a great opportunity to showcase high quality streams at 60 frames per second live to a variety of fighting game enthusiasts. We feel that now is the time to also take advantage of the YouTube platform.

FightVG plans to add more content to YouTube, which includes replays from all our live streams as well as interviews from events such as New York Comic-Con 2013. We will post the embedded videos on our hompage as well. You can visit our YouTube page by clicking here.

We are currently in the process of uploading numerous parts from our most recent Marvel vs. Capcom live stream, which aired today (August 1). Be sure to stick with for more fighting game content.