Saturday, February 23, 2013

Watch Winter Brawl 7 here on

The final and perhaps biggest fighting game tournament of the coldest season is here. Winter Brawl 7 kicks off today. Get the schedule and watch the event inside.

Winter season will be over in less than a month, but it certainly isn't going out with a whimper. Winter Brawl 7 begins today (Feb. 23) from the Holiday Inn in Philadelphia, PA and will feature every Evo 2013 main floor game. The event will also be packed with renowned tournament players.

The event is once again brought to you by Big E Gaming. Team Sp00ky will be the home of the main stream. 8 Way Run will provide Tekken and SoulCalibur V action. Extra streams will also be available and we will update the homepage with them when they air.

Here's a schedule of the festivities (via Big E Gaming).

SATURDAY 02/23/2013:

Singles Tournaments:
SSF4:AE — 6:00pm — $10 — will continue Sunday–ps3– $500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
UMvC3 — 6:30pm — $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$500 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes(half the pools will start Saturday and the 2nd half will start sunday at 11am)
MK9 – 3pm– start time — $10–ps3– pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes
SCV – 3pm– start time — $10 (top 8 sunday)–ps3– Pot Bonus info coming soon
TTT2 – start time TBA — $10 (top 8 Sunday)–ps3 to come
P4A — start time TBA — FREE Entry–Ps3
BB – start time TBA — $10–ps3
GG – start time TBA –$10– ps2
DOA 5 — 5pm — $10 — Ps3
Melee Doubles — start time TBA
Brawl doubles/Melee Singles– start time TBA
Brawl Singles– start time TBA
ST — start time TBA — $10 – held on arcade cabinet Or Super Gun–

SUNDAY 02/24/2013:

SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – start time TBA
UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – start time TBA
KOF XIII– start time TBA – FREE Entry–ps3
SCV– continuned from Saturday– start time TBA
TTT2– continuned from Saturday — start time TBA
VF5FS — start time TBA —$10 entry fee.
SFxT — start time TBA –$5
MB:AA – start time TBA — $10–Pot Bonus info coming soon
AH3– start time TBA – $10 entry fee–ps3
3S:OE – start time TBA — $10–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon
UMK3 – start time TBA — $5
All-Stars - TBA

You can view the event's main stream below. For 8 Way Run's stream, click here. You can also view all Winter Brawl 7 live streams on the homepage by clicking on the tab of the airing you'd like to see.