Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frozen Kuma glitch discovered in Street Fighter x Tekken 2013

Another chink in the armor of Street Fighter x Tekken 2013 has been exposed. This time it involves a frozen Kuma as a result of a Blanka/Ogre Cross Art.


Looks like Capcom hasn't dodged the bug bullet with the 2013 update to Street Fighter x Tekken. A new glitch has been discovered by Dennis Pryds and recorded by 510Link. The glitch occurs when Blanka teams with Ogre against Kuma. When Blanka lands his Cross Art, Ogre doesn't finish the animation, causing Kuma to freeze.

This will not work with other characters and Blanka must land the Cross Art. If successfully pulled off during a match, the user playing as Ogre can get free hits or let the time expire.