Monday, February 18, 2013

SFxT 2013: Asuka starting guide by Cake Fighter IV (Video)

Getting started using Asuka in Street Fighter x Tekken 2013 isn't such a daunting task when you've got Cake Fighter IV at your side. Watch the input assisted guide inside.

Cake Fighter IV has provided a Street Fighter x Tekken 2013 guide. This guide assists players on getting started with Asuka Kazama. Here is the transcript and notes from the video description.

Transcript and Extra Notes:

0:00 Basic Hit Confirm
-LP~MP~LK~MK~cr.MP xx dp.HK, j.HK, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK

0:11 Link Combo
-cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HP xx dp.HK, j.HK, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK

0:21 Low Hit Confirm
-cr.LK~MP~LK xx dp.HK, j.HK, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK
*Far LK also hits low at around the same range.

0:31 Low Hit Confirm 2
-f.MK~MP xx dp.HK, j.HK, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK

0:40 Overhead Hit Confirm
-f.MP, LP~MP~LK xx dp.HK, j.HK, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK

0:52 Thunderfall Overhead Combo
-f.HK, cr.HP xx dp.PP, cr.HK (damage)
-f.HK, cr.HP xx dp.K (meterless)
-f.HK, MK~cr.MP xx dp.P (one hit)

1:16 Cross-ups

1:29 Combo from Launcher
-f.LK~f.LP, MK xx dp.P, cr.HK

1:38 Corner Launcher Combo
-cr.HP xx hcb.K, cr.HP xx dp.P, cr.HK***

1:49 Punisher
-f.MK~MP xx hcb.KK, cr.MP xx dp.P, cr.HK

1:59 Air to Air Counter Hit
-j.HP, MK~cr.MP xx dp.P, cr.HK

2:07 Anti-Airs
-ex Falling Rain
-f.LK~f.LP, MK~cr.MP xx dp.P, cr.HK
-f.LK~f.LP, cr.HP xx hcb.K, cr.MP xx dp.PP, cr.HK

2:43 Counter-hit anti-air
-LP, MK~cr.MP xx dp.P, cr.HK

2:50 Reversals
-dp.KK, HK xx hcb.K, cr.HP xx hcb.K

3:16 Projectile Evasion
-hcb.PP, f.MP, MK~cr.MP xx dp.P, cr.HK

Extra Notes:

-A lot of her target combos chain into themselves, allowing you to create long block strings, and give you extra time for hit confirms.
-MK~cr.MP, f.MK~MP and b.MP~MK are long range pokes that are good for getting in and lead into full combos.
-HCF.PP throws both standing & crouching opponents
-Neutral Jump HK after Double Lift Kicks in the corner to stay on the same side when landing.
-Use HK xx Falling Rain instead of MK in the corner for more damage.
-Substitute cr.HP xx ex.Falling Rain in place of MK xx Falling Rain for more damage.
-End combos with hcb.K or dp.K for tag cancels.
-Attack Reversal counters grounded attacks.
-Counter-hit HP & cr.HP crumples
-f.MP bounces airborne opponents