Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 1.03A patch coming to PSN Feb. 12, Xbox Live release date unknown

PS3 gamers who play Dead or Alive 5 regularly have a lot of smile about as the 1.03A patch is on the way. Xbox 360 gamers are still left in the dark, however. Get the details inside.

Team Ninja has announced on Twitter that the 1.03A patch for Dead or Alive 5 (DoA5) will be available on PSN next Tuesday (Feb. 12). Xbox 360 gamers will have to wait longer as Team Ninja doesn't want to give a concrete date.

Here's what the DoA5 developers have to say about the Xbox 360 version of the 1.03A patch (via Twitter).

"We are working with Microsoft on the timing of the release of Ver.1.03A for Xbox 360 and will let you know when we have a solid date." 

The 1.03 patch is already available on the PS3 version, but it suffers from stagger escapes, which prompted a 1.03A update. Xbox Live did not receive the patch and has been waiting for the latest update as a result.