Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 1.03A patch available now on PSN

PSN users now have access to the 1.03A Dead or Alive 5 patch. Get the lowdown on what this patch entails as well as when an Xbox Live release is expected inside.

Those who have been waiting for the 1.03A patch for Dead or Alive 5 (DoA5) can now breathe easy if they have the PS3 version. The patch is available now (Feb. 12) to PSN users for free.

The official DoA5 website has listed the changes.

Changes & fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Ver. 1.03 that prevented stagger escapes while in Critical. (The Xbox 360 version will also have the same behavior.)

  • Made it easier to continue combos in Tag Mode by disabling stagger escapes for some Criticals.

  • Changed the combo damage adjustment in Tag Mode for tag changes during juggles from 1.7 to 0.95.

  • Adjusted the amount of GP gained and lost in Ranked Matches to bring it in line with original expectations.

  • Changed the fight results (Fights, Wins, Wins (%)) displayed for opponents in Ranked Match searches to only display Ranked Match fight results.

  • Change the Grade Point gauge display in areas such as the fight results in the Main Menu to be based on current rank rather than overall performance.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Move Details display to reset when Power Blows and other moves were performed.

  • Fixed a bug preventing game progress when acquired Titles were shared on Facebook in Online mode.

  • Fixed a bug in the Fighter List that changed the date of the last match with an opponent to the current date and time when the list was refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some characters to go through the floor after being hit with certain moves from Sarah.

Move performance adjustments

  • Disabled tech rolls for certain moves for which tech rolls had mistakenly been allowed in Ver. 1.03. The following Ver. 1.03 bug fix was reverted to its previous state: "Fixed a bug when an opponent was already in some stuns which cannot be tech rolled and a followup attack was made, then the un-tech-rollable status was maintained."

  • Changed the stagger on crouching Counter hit for Hayate's Senjinkyaku (3K).

  • Fixed a bug that caused Kokoro's Shinso-Kaimon (214T・4T・46T) to cause less damage than a normal hit when performed as a Counter Hit or higher against a wall.

The site notes that the Xbox 360 version should receive the 1.03A patch later this month.