Thursday, January 31, 2013

Next Level Battle Circuit 4 UMvC3 results

The fourth Next Level Battle Circuit event is history. We've already posted the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 results. Now peep the UMvC3 top eight inside.

AGE Chris G.

The fourth Battle Circuit event took place at Next Level in Brooklyn, NY last night (Jan. 30). Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (AE 2012) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3) action was on display. For the AE 2012 results, click here.

To the surprise of no one, Chris G took home first place in UMvC3. A familiar face challenged Chris G in the grand finals once again.

Here are the top eight UMvC3 results (via EventHubs).

First Place: AGE NYChris G (Firebrand, Morrigan, Dr. Doom)
2nd: MH RayRay (Ryu, Magneto, Sentinel)
3rd: TS NerdJosh (Morrigan, Vergil, Dr. Doom)
4th: BIFU Insaynne (Wesker, Dr. Doom, Amaterasu)
5th: BT Dieminion (Viewtiful Joe, Morrigan, Dr. Strange)
5th: MH Flux (Zero, Dante, Vergil)
7th: Skinhoff (Spider-Man, Dante, Dr. Doom)
7th: HOC Bum (Hulk, Haggar, Chris)