Thursday, January 31, 2013

Autumn Games in final stages of negotiations to bring Skullgirls to PC

PC fighters have plenty to be excited about. Autumn Games is bringing Skullgirls to the PC once negotiations with Marvelous AQL have been completed.

If you think PC gamers are down on their luck when it comes to fighting games, that's not exactly the case. Autumn Games and Reverge Labs have made it clear that they want Skullgirls on the PC. That wish is now closer to reality.

Negotiations between Autumn Games and Marvelous AQL are in the final stages says Reverge Labs' Peter Bartholow. This will bring Skullgirls to the PC with extra multiplayer features such as lobbies. The PC version of the game will be worked on in the "coming weeks."

Most major digital distribution platforms will carry Skullgirls. Steam, GamersGate, Origin, and others already have the game listed.