Monday, January 21, 2013

SoCal Regionals 2013 Top 8 Results

That's a wrap. The 2013 Southern California Regionals are over. Find out who took home the top prizes in fighting game competition inside.

SoCal Regionals 2013 took place this past weekend (Jan. 18-20) from the University of California in Irvine. There were a ton of fighting games that held tournaments. From Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (AE 2012) to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PSASBR), this year's SoCal Regionals had it all.

With this being part of the "Road to Evo" series, the big boys came out to play. Elite talent such as Infiltration, PR Balrog, NYCFab, Romance, Justin Wong, Chris G, and others played for a first place finish.

The bullseye was set on Infiltration who has been taking AE 2012 by storm and Chris G who's been dominating Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3) competition. Both players made it to the grand finals of their respective game, but only one could claim first place.

Here are the SoCal Regionals 2013 top eight results.

AE 2012
First Place: WW Infiltration (Akuma, Hakan)
2nd: Hugo101 (M. Bison, Seth, Yun)
3rd: EG PR Balrog (Fei Long, Balrog)
4th: EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
5th: TFA LPN (Cammy)
5th: BT Dieminion (Guile)
7th: CEO CJ Truth (Fei Long)
7th: Hoodaman (E. Honda)

First Place: EG PR Balrog (Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Vergil)
2nd: AGE NYChrisG (Morrigan, Vergil, Dr. Doom)
3rd: BT MarlinPie (C. Viper, Dr. Doom, Amaterasu)
4th: GC ApologyMan (Super-Skrull, Frank West, Dr. Doom)
5th: coL Filipino Champ (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Phoenix)
5th: EG Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma | Others)
7th: HaZ Angelic (Wolverine, Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath)
7th: FA Infrit (Nova, Spencer, Sentinel)

Mortal Kombat 9
First Place: EGP Tyrant (Jax)
2nd: Wound Cowboy (Shang Tsung, Sonya)
3rd: DJT (Cyrax)
4th: KN Detroit Ballin (Kabal)
5th: GGA 16-Bit (Kitana)
5th: EGP XBlades (Liu Kang)
7th: C88DAB (Kabal, Johnny Cage)
7th: TFA Pig of the Hutt (Kenshi)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
First Place: MI Inkog (Bryan, Bruce)
2nd: Run it Black (Heihachi, Jin)
3rd: MI EBM (Eddy, Christie)
4th: Kayyal (Armor King, King)
5th: LUYG Rip (Marshall Law, Forest Law | Others)
5th: MI JustFrameJames (Hworang, Yoshimitsu)
7th: Juggernaut (Christie, Eddy)
7th: AGE NYCFab (Bob, Miguel)

King of Fighters XIII
First Place: AGE Romance (King, Benimaru, Yuri)
2nd: TC ChrisKOF (Duo Lon, Iori, Shen)
3rd: EMP Luis Cha (Andy, EX Iori, Kim)
4th: ST Kanibalito (Kim, Benimaru, Mr. Karate)
5th: Warahk (Mr. Karate, King, Robert)
5th: AS Reynald (Maxima, Mr. Karate, Kyo | Others)
7th: Mr. KOF (Terry, Ash, Shen | Others)
7th: The Answer (EX Kyo, Billy, Yuri)

Persona 4 Arena
First Place: Brkr Dave (Teddie)
2nd: James Xie (Aigis)
3rd: T-Loc (Mitsuru)
4th: GC Dacidbro (Chie)
5th: Bond (Naoto)
5th: Zomb (Chie)
7th: Infinite Image (Chie)
7th: Kyoku (Teddie)

First Place: Team Envious (Sackboy, Nariko)
2nd: Team Van Plays Dead Space On Max Brightness (Kratos, Nariko)
3rd: Team Meow Mix-Ups (Toro, Nathan Drake)
4th: Team Gamecenter (Kratos, Raiden)

First Place: WingZero (Valentine, Filia, Parasoul)
2nd: Steer (Filia, Parasoul, Cerebella)
3rd: AGE NYChrisG (Ms. Fortune, Parasoul)
4th: SkippyMcYay (Ms. Fortune, Peacock, Filia)
5th: Viro_Veteruscy (Double, Ms. Fortune)
5th: Shin AT-Proof (Valentine, Filia, Double)
7th: Sanchez (Valentine, Filia, Double)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
First Place: BT MarlinPie (Slayer)
2nd: AGE Flash Metroid (Jam, May)
3rd: RZR Latif (Eddie)
4th: BT Koogy (Slayer)
5th: The Biter (Order-Sol)
5th: Mike Z (Potemkin)
7th: IC Suhpreme (Axl)
7th: Tasty Steve (Zappa)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
First Place: LU Alex Valle (Ryu)
2nd: DGV (Ryu)
3rd: Shotosallday (oSagat, oRyu, Zangief)
4th: AfroCole (Dhalsim)
5th: MuffinMan (Dee Jay)
5th: EG fLoE (oSagat)
7th: Digital Infamy (Ryu)
7th: Kuroppi (E. Honda, Zangief)