Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Divekick coming to PC, PS3, and PS Vita in Spring

Much mystery has surrounded the upcoming Divekick game other than it was coming to the PC and was being made by SRK's Keits. Now we know the publisher, season release, and two other platforms the game will be on.

Through a press release (via SRK), Iron Galaxy Studios have revealed they are the publisher for One True Game Studios' upcoming Divekick title. The game's head honcho is none other than Keits. Iron Galaxy has published titles such as Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.

The game was originally believed to be exclusive to the PC. Now Iron Galaxy Studios will get the game to PS3 and PS Vita owners. The game will drop for all three versions in the spring.

Besides a single-player campaign mode, Divekick will feature online play. The game will have GGPO support. More features have yet to be revealed.

Here's an exhibition match-up from the spring of 2012 between NerdJosh and Alex Valle.