Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[UPDATE] Skullgirls mystery DLC character, story, and stage funded

Pictured is potential mystery DLC character, Mrs. Victoria
Over $600,000 donations have been made in Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls crowdfunding efforts. That means a mystery DLC character has been funded.

Late last month, Lab Zero Games began funding for their first DLC character, Squigly. One month later (March 25), not only do they have Sqiugly and Big Band, but they've also received the funds to create a third DLC character.

The crew behind Skullgirls needed $600,000 to start work on a mystery DLC character as soon as possible. That goal has been surpassed with 55 hours to spare. Rich Brown has also donated a “Saxploitation” voice pack for Big Band.

Fans who donated at least $1 will be e-mailed a poll to vote for the mystery DLC fighter. Click here to see the character concepts.

With two days and a few hours to go, the crowdfunding isn't finished. A total of $625,000 will give Lab Zero Games the funds for the mystery character's stage and story. Should $725,000 be reached before the crowdfunding wraps up, Mane6 will receive the Skullgirls engine.

To make a last minute donation, visit Indiegogo.

UPDATE: With 36 hours to spare, Lab Zero Games has achieved their goal of $625,000 to fund the mystery DLC character's stage and story.