Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lab Zero Games exceed final goal of $825,000, second mystery DLC character funded

The final goal in Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls crowdfunding has been met. The efforts concluded with $829,829 in funding.

That's a wrap.

The crowdfunding campaign that Lab Zero Games put together for Skullgirls has ended. Not a single goal was left unmet as the developers behind Skullgirls were able to gain the trust of the community. By the time the smoke had cleared, $829,829 was reached.

What started as an attempt to start work on DLC character Squigly turned into so much more. When $150,000 was met for Squigly, Lab Zero Games raised the stakes. Eventually Big Band, the game's first ever male character was funded.

As the campaign marched on, a mystery DLC character was funded. By the time the crowdfunding reached $725,000, Mane6 received the Skullgirls engine and Robo-Fortune was set to become a playable character.

Now with over $825,000 earned, a second mystery DLC character will come to fruition.