Thursday, April 19, 2012

Report: Chinatown Fair reopening May 5

Image Credit: NeoGAF
Same name, different setting?

Bowery Boogie is reporting that the Chinatown Fair Arcade will be reopening May 5 on 8 Mott Street. While the location and name remain unchanged, the scenery has been overhauled.

The report describes the new Chinatown Fair as a "family friendly destination." What does this mean for the future of fighting games in the Arcade?

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With a family friendly atmosphere, games like Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat may not have a place in the Arcade's reopening. The different colors on the wall indicates a place catered towards children.

In the report, pinball machines and redemption games are referred to. Not much else is known other than, coupons will be distributed and swipe cards will be utilized.

With Henry Cen's Next Level going strong the question remains, will the fighting game community in New York City come back to the place they once called home?