Friday, April 27, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announced, reveal trailer released

It was bound to happen.

Since late last year, rumors have surfaced of a Smash Bros. clone coming to Sony's PS3. Names such as Kratos, Drake, and PaRappa the Rapper were characters rumored for the title.

After months of anticipation, Sony has revealed the inevitable (via GTTV). PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is now official. Kratos (God of War), Parappa the Rapper, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Sly Cooper, and Radec (Killzone) have been confirmed.

Third party characters will join the fray. Expect more announcements to be revealed in the near future. The PS3 exclusive hits North America during the holiday season.

Watch the official PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale reveal trailer below: