Monday, April 16, 2012

Smash Bros Unity Ruleset Committee disbands

The Unity Ruleset Committee (URC) is no longer active.

Marc of Smash Boards has announced that the Smash Bros. URC has disbanded. This means there will no longer be updates by the URC, and Meta Knight (MK) will stay unbanned (unless certain tournament organizers feel otherwise).

Last year, the URC announced that MK would be banned from all tournaments under their rule post Apex 2012. This left the Super Smash Bros. Brawl community split as to how they felt about the committee.

See the full statement on the disband below:

"Just over a year ago Smashboards launched the BBR-RC, afterwards renamed the Unity Ruleset Committee (URC), as an endeavor and experiment to see if a standard ruleset could be created for Brawl. While the original idea was one worth striving for, it has been decided by the Senate that the URC has run its course. The URC created and maintained the most commonly used ruleset for Brawl up till now, being used at over 150 tournaments since its inception. However, it has become increasingly apparent just how difficult it is to create a 'unified' or 'standard' ruleset for Brawl. Taking decisive stances on controversial issues like the MK ban and stage list made apparent how split the community still is and as a result lowered usage of the ruleset. The varied regions, territories, and even states in North America are too far apart ideologically for the Senate to believe further progress is possible.

The topic with the Unity ruleset will no longer be featured prominently, but will be kept intact for those tournaments that still link to it. While the Unity ruleset won’t be updated anymore, there is a possibility that the BBR will go back to doing recommended rulesets. More importantly, it is up to individual TOs to decide what is best for their events."