Friday, April 20, 2012

SFxT update coming April 24, includes free gems and replay analyzer

Free equals good.

Capcom has revealed on their Japanese blog (via Event Hubs) that they will be releasing a free update on April 24 on Xbox Live and PSN. The update will come with 60 gems and a replay analyzer.

Of the gems, Pandora Extend, Ultimate Guard, and Expert Input are perhaps the most notable. The Pandora gem will extend the mode to 20 seconds. Ultimate Guard enables the player to auto block, auto throw escape, and take less chip damage at the expense of one bar of meter.

Each character's gem loadout will increase due to the update. Pre-patch players are only able to have two gem loadouts per character. Post patch, that number will increase to five.

Replay analyzer takes recorded gameplay to a different level. The mode will allow gamers to view stats and graphs to better assess previous match-ups.

No word on if the analog input glitch on Xbox 360 will be fixed with this update.