Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Tron Bonne Setups (Video)

Animemoshpit has uploaded an informative Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3) video. The uploader shows gamers how to set combos up with Capcom's Tron Bonne. It's his first tutorial and he has added some notes, which you can see below:

Notes by Animemoshpit
-Most ground-based command grabs are pretty fast. Thor, Sentinel, and Felicia, for example, all have a 1-frame command grab. However, Thor's is the only one that can be performed in the air as well, so he can benefit from this reset.

-Anti-air command grabs are pretty slow across the board, with Spencer's being the quickest at 5 frames. It actually doesn't matter too much how fast the grab is, though. As long as you time it with the character dropping out of the Beacon Bomb, it can still grab them on the first frame.

-To keep it short, the three ways to escape from this are air dashing, double jumping, or immediately doing an invincible air hyper (such as Sentinel's) to get away. Though, if you're using Frank West's air-grab, it does have invincibility as he jumps up, so it'll go through a lot of hyper combos.

-Just because the opponent can air dash doesn't mean they will! Mix it up a little and see if you can set up some traps if they do dash.

-Haggar and Spider-Man's grabs won't connect straight from the tag-in, but it's not impossible to set up inescapable grabs with them!

-In case you're wondering, Magneto's Gravity Squeeze is actually too slow to connect after the tag. Who knew Rocket Raccoon and Phoenix Wright could do something better than him?!