Sunday, April 7, 2013

Injustice Demo: Batman combos by Dream King

Dream King has tackled many fighting games. He now adds Injustice: Gods Among Us to that growing collection. Watch some demo combos featuring Batman inside.

EventHubs contributor Dream King has been on a tear. The combo goer posted a stunning video of Street Fighter x Tekken 2013 Pandora combos last month. Now he's taking on a new beast.

The demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us is available on Xbox Live and PSN and the fighting game community (FGC) has taken full advantage. We've seen combos from the heavy hitters of the FGC including Maximilian.

Dream King is more than up to the challenge of Injustice. He has posted his Batman combos. Below the video, you'll find a transcript (via Tumblr).

Combo Transcript From Dream King
1.  [j. X, B+X, X, A], [X, X, A xx  Slide Kick]
2.  [F+Y, A], [B+X, X, A], [X, X xx Ex Up Grapple], [forward dash, X, X xx Slide Kick]
3. [j.Y, X, Y, A], [X, X, A xx Super]
4. [X, X, Y xx Ex Straight Grapple], [Ex Up Batarang, Ex Up Grapple], [Release Bats, Air Scatter Bombs, X xx Slide Kick]
5. F+A, j. A, D+Y, Y, Y, A xx Release Bats, Super
6. [Y, Y, A], [j. A, X, X xx EX Straight Grapple], [B+Y, A, A], [Release Bats, B+A]
7. [X, X, Y, Ex Straight Grapple], [B+X, X, A], [X, X, Ex Up Grapple], [Release Bats,  dash forward, dash forward], [X, X xx Slide Kick]
8. [X, X, Y xx Ex Straight Grapple], [Y,Y, A], [J.Y, Y, Y xx Wall Bounce Kick], [X xx Ex Up Grapple], [Release Bats, dashforward, interactable]