Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Skullgirls patch may come to Xbox Live in a week or two

Xbox 360 gamers who own Skullgirls may finally be getting a patch soon. Get the details inside.

Better late than never as they say.

A patch for Skullgirls was released on PSN back in November 2012. We're now in April 2013 and the patch still hasn't surfaced on Xbox Live. That may finally change soon.

XBLA Fans got in touch with Lab Zero Games' Peter Bartholow to discuss the patch's release on Xbox Live. According to him, the patch may be out in two weeks.

“So, if all goes well, the Skullgirls Xbox 360 patch should finally be out soon. We won’t know exactly when it goes out – [Microsoft says] it’ll take two weeks, but [Microsoft] actually estimated that it would likely only take one.”