Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PandaxGaming and TEFightStands partnership falls apart

What was once looked at as a promising partnership has been crippled. Get the lowdown on the fallout between PandaxGaming and TEFightStands.


The drama doesn't stop in the fighting game community (FGC). PandaxGaming and TEFightStands have ended their partnership in nasty fashion. The two stream providers have now engaged in an ugly feud.

It all started when TEFightStands accused PandaxGaming of hiding information from them such as ad revenue. TEFightStands was helping stream the PandaxGaming2 channel. After some harsh words, the PandaxGaming2 stream was locked down and an ad was shown telling viewers to switch over to the Frakenbox stream.


The folks on the original PandaxGaming stream took over their secondary channel to explain their side of the story. Redman and SolidPanda explained they did not hide anything from TEFightStands and only suggested a 50/50 split on ad revenue. SolidPanda says the head honcho of TE FightStands began using explicit language after the suggestion and stole viewers by directing them to his own sole channel, Frankenbox.

The Frakenbox stream didn't have a substantial amount of views before the drama with PandaxGaming started. Often times the stream would only have five concurrent viewers and that's being generous. As of this writing, the stream now has over 300 viewers.

It isn't always fun and games in the FGC.