Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 11 UFN results: RZR Latif defeats MMS PxG Native Impact, DRS Chris DQ'd

The March 11 Ultimate Fight Night event was one to remember. Peep inside to get the results of the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 showcase and why DRS Chris was disqualified from his match against MMS Rida.

Last night (March 11) PandaxGaming hosted another Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) event. The main card was stacked with legit Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 competition.

The main event saw RZR Latif battle MMS PxG Native Impact. Latif used C. Viper while Native Impact used T. Hawk. By the end of their battles, Latif walked away a 5-3 winner.

Despite not being part of the event, DRS Chris was brought in to replace Dayton J to battle MMS Rida. Chris was dominating Rida's Rose with Ken. In the lead 4-0 and one match away from taking the set, Chris broke UFN rules by using Rose to troll his opponent. As a result, Chris was disqualified.

Here are the full results.

RZR Latif def. MMS PxG Native Impact (5-3)
Playing to Win def. DMG LionHeart (5-3)
CEO CJ Truth def. AG Glitch (5-2)
MMS Rida def. DRS Chris (Disqualification)

NOTES: DRS MCZ Filipinoman vs. Jewelman was originally set for the co-main event but never took place. Dayton J was replaced by DRS Chris.