Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IFC Yipes rejoins Empire Arcadia, still supports Broken Tier

Feeling homesick, IFC Yipes (pictured to the right) has left Broken Tier (though not entirely) to rejoin Triforce's Empire Arcadia. Get the details inside.

The band is back together.

Earlier today, Broken Tier announced IFC Yipes would be leaving the organization. Koogy, founder of Broken Tier, mentioned that Yipes would still work with the organization on clothing and events.

With the sudden departure, many wondered what Yipes was up too. The fighting game community questioned where he'd wind up. Some speculated AGE, MCZ and DMG. Most had just one organization in mind.

It took Yipes just a few hours to reveal his future.

On Team Sp00ky's Battle Circuit 9 stream, the popular tournament goer announced he is rejoining Triforce's Empire Arcadia (EMP). He joins the likes of Sanford Kelly and new signee, Dieminion. Dieminion also left Broken Tier in favor of EMP.