Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken: Hugo Combo Exhibition (Video)

You can never get too much of the pink-wearing grappler. A new Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) Hugo combo exhibition has been uploaded by DaDoppen. The uploader has also posted a transcription, which you can see below:

Hugo Combo Transcript by DaDoppen

Combo 1: CH x.LK xx LK Lariat, c.LP xx s.MP, c.MK

The s.MP hits meaty, allowing you to link the c.MK. Counterhit is needed to cancel Hugo's lights into LK Lariat.

Combo 2: Corner: j.HK, c.MP xx LP Clap, c.MP xx LK Lariat, c.LP xx HP clap, c.LP xx HK backbreaker

Does like 1 more damage than his normal mid-screen BnB, which has MK Backbreaker instead of c.LP xx HK Backbreaker.

Combo 3: Lariat, c.LP xx HP Clap, s.LP xx f.HK xx TC Dhalsim, Super

Really inconsistent combo, and it's really tight to juggle after the Tag Cancel.

Combo 4: On croucher: CH d,d+MK, f.HK, c.LP,c.LP, c.LK xx EX Lariat xx TC Ryu, EX SC Super

The crouching state caused by CH d,d+MK on crouchers allows s.HK to connect later, allowing you to link after it. TC'd EX lariat gives you enough time to charge an EX move to a super.

Combo 5: Yoshimitsu CH s.MP xx EX Suicide xx TC hugo, Ultra throw, c.LP xx EX Clap, HK Backbreaker

Just wanted to use an Ultra Throw mid-combo. Sadly, Yoshimitsu has a hard time comboing into his crumple moves. Note the 2-hit combo the opponent scores from Yoshimitsu's EX Suicide.

Combo 6: On croucher: CH d,d+MK, d,d+MK, c.LP xx c.MP xx EX Clap, c.MP xx LK Lariat, c.LP xx HP Clap, s.LP xx s.MP, EX Backbreaker

A combo featuring several of the quirks mentioned earlier. d,d+MK benefits from the crouching state in the same way s.HK does.

Combo 7: On croucher: CH d,d+MK, f.HK xx TC poison, s.HP xx HP AE, c.LP xx s.MP xx s.HP xx CR launcher xx TC Hugo, js.HP, HP Clap, EX Clap, s.LP xx s.MP, LK/MK Backbreaker (Not sure)

s.HK haves a lot of hitstun, allowing you to TC from it easily, even in the corner.

Combo 8: 60% meter cost reduction: Lariat, c.LP xx HP Clap, EX Clap x5, s.LP xx s.MP, EX Backbreaker

You still need the normal amount of meter to initiate a move with meter cost reduction, they just cost less. In this case, you'll be one point of meter short of an EX bar after using 5 bars without anything that gains meter inbetween, thanks to the game apparently rounding the meter cost up to the closest whole point or something. All of these gems comes from various pre-order packs, and one of them is Special Edition only.

Combo 9: On croucher: CH d,d+MK, LP Clap, c.MP xx LK Lariat, c.LP xx 1-hit EX Clap, LP Clap, s.LP xx s.MP, Super

It's kind of hard to get extra frames of juggle advantage after the clap moves, but this method apparently gives you enough +frames to add an LP Clap afterwards. Sometimes the EX Clap will whiff completely, I guess it's because you hit the c.LP too high or something, probably on the first possible frame.

Combo 10: During Happy Birthday: Cross-Up Splash, c.MP xx LP Clap, c.MP xx LK Lariat, c.LP, c.LP xx LK Lariat, Super, EX backbreaker

When the Super hits the opponents really low, the 2nd opponent will end up right behind Hugo instead of mid-air, further away from him. If it hits any later, the 2nd opponent will hit the ground while the 1st one is getting hit, which I guess means that it hits one opponent one frame later. If this is true, it might allow juggles that are one frame away from working.

Combo 11: Law j.HK, s.HP, LP Fury Fist Rush (right?) xx TC hugo, Full SC Super, s.MP, Super

Yay, double super!