Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SoulCalibur V World Championships results

The SoulCalibur V (SCV) World Championships is over.

Eight players from five countries battled in Las Vegas last night (April 10) to determine who would walk away $10,000 richer. These players included Keev, No Face Killer, OmegaDR, SHK, Toilet, Akire, RTD, and Hyrul. 

The tournament was streamed by Sp00ky and sponsored by PS3, PSN, Mad Catz, Hori, and of course Namco Bandai. Rich Bantegui, better known as FilthieRich, hosted the event.

In the end, only one player was dubbed the best SCV player in the world. See the SCV World Championships results below:

SCV World Championships Results
First Place: OmegaDR - Dominican Republic (Nightmare)
2nd: Akire - France (Mitsurugi)
3rd: Keev - France (Nightmare)
4th: No Face Killer - USA (Cervantes, Nightmare)
5th (tie): Hyrul - United Kingdom (Tira, Leixia)
5th (tie): Rob The Destroyer aka RTD - USA (Mitsurugi, Leixia)
7th (tie): Toilet -Japan (Z.W.E.I.)
7th (tie): SHK - Japan (Pyrrha Ω)