Monday, October 28, 2013

Poll: What Are Your Thoughts on Ultra Double Combos and Red Focus in Ultra Street Fighter IV?

With two new gameplay mechanics making their way to Ultra Street Fighter IV, FightVG is asking you, the readers what your thoughts are on Ultra Double Combos and Red Focus.

Yay or nay?

Last Friday (Oct. 25) Capcom revealed two new gameplay mechanics for Ultra Street Fighter IV. These were Ultra Double Combos and Red Focus. Ultra Double Combos allow players to use any Ultra they want without having to choose before the match begins. Red Focus is like a regular Focus Attack, only it can absorb multiple hits.

So what's the catch? With Ultra Double Combos, the damage done when landing it is significantly lower than if you went the traditional route and picked an Ultra before the match begins. As far as Red Focus goes, you are still an open target to throws and armor breaks.

FightVG wants to know, what are your thoughts on Ultra Double Combos and Red Focus? Do you like one and dislike the other? Do you like both? Or do you dislike both mechanics?

On the top right hand side of the homepage, you will see the poll under the search bar. Your choices are:

"I like both mechanics"
"I dislike both mechanics"
"I like Ultra Double Combos, dislike Red Focus"
"I like Red Focus, dislike Ultra Double Combos"

Voting will end on Nov. 28. NOTE: You can not vote on the mobile version of the site.