Monday, October 15, 2012

UFN 4 Results: DMG LionHeart dominates Ace Kombat

Last minute madness.

DMG LionHeart's Sagat was scheduled to face Baka's Fei Long at UFN 4. Baka was forced to pull out of the event and was replaced by Ace Kombat. LionHeart was met by Ace Kombat's Ryu.

Despite preparing for Baka, LionHeart wasn't phased by his new opponent. He defeated Ace Kombat 5-1 much to the surprise of iRedman and FREEJ4Y, who were on commentary.

LionHeart took games one, two, three, five, and six. Ace Kombat only took game four.

This was an excellent performance from LionHeart. His spacing exceeded that of Ace Kombat and his reactions were on point. Hopefully LionHeart gets that match-up with Baka at the next UFN event or one down the road.

Ace Kombat stepped up as a late replacement and should be applauded for it. He had been away from the fighting game community (FGC) for a decent amount of time so this loss won't put a damper on things. If he does come back, expect him to be stronger.