Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Capcom: Street Fighter Alpha series not included in 25th Anniversary Set due to value

Those hoping for the Alpha series to be included in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set were in for a rude awakening. All the games included in the set were revealed last week and the Alpha series was nowhere to be found.

With the popularity of the Alpha series, it's hard to see why Capcom would eliminate it from the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter. Many wondered if the company didn't feel it would be feasible to include these titles.

A Capcom product manager who calls himself Neo Deus on the Capcom-Unity boards, revealed why the Alpha series is missing.

"This was a decision made on a higher level than I stand upon, and basically, came down to value. The product was meant to provide the best value possible, and with some of the games like the Alpha's (and SF1 and others), there would be additional development, licensing, etc, costs.

Because a lot of these costs are fixed, and considering the number of sets being produced, you're looking at raising the price significantly (we're talking - hard as it may be to believe - as high as $25 per game) per set for an element that doesn't fully live up to that cost (that's no jab at the quality of the games, just what most people, including even some superfans, would be willing to pay). And unfortunately, simply putting old game discs in there was not an option."