Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rolento to be banned from CEO SFxT tournament?


Capcom released a Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) patch this week. While the patch fixed infinites and nerfed some characters, there was one big issue Capcom dropped the ball on.

When Rolento throws his knife at projectiles, the game freezes. It's such a game breaking error that the character may be banned at one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year.

See what CEO organizer Alex Jebailey had to say on Twitter regarding Rolento's future in the upcoming tournament after the jump.

"If Capcom doesn't fix the Rolento Game Breaking Bug before CEO I would seriously consider banning Rolento. No other fix in my opinion.

Hard to tell a player to NOT throw a projectile, I'd rather not have a decision to make in game while playing."