Monday, May 21, 2012

Skullgirls: Mike Z lists changes in 2.0 patch

Change is coming.

Mike Z of the Skullgirls team revealed a slew of changes in the new 2.0 patch of the Reverge Labs fighter. He told the Mix Up stream the patch notes are not finalized.

See notes (via NeoGAF) from the stream after the jump.

-EKG Flatliner only hits the point character, and goes through assists (may or may not stay)
-Cerebella's anti-air grab has larger range
-HK Hornet Bomber no longer has invincibility and has techable knockdown
-Peacock's teleport has 3 more frames of recovery
-Peacock's lvl 3 is easier to input
-Painwheel's air Blockbuster damage adjusted
-Double's lvl 3 does less damage and has been sped up
-Valentine's lvl 3 has been sped up and the animation can be partially skipped by holding a punch button
-Napalm tears now scaled
-Fortunes head now goes flying when hit in Noms
-Excabella input on assist select is less precise
-Green Vial time goes down on additional hits
-IPS will now consider standing normals, crouching normals, and command normals to all be the same attack
-Training mode options are being worked on
-assists now take 120% damage rather than the original 106%
-tech window for grabs is now increased by 3 frames
-tournament mode (disables achievements and returns players to controller select screen on controller unplug as well as resetting controls to default)
-menu select screen allows you to go to the bottom selection by hitting up
-exit game no longer brings you to dashboard (I believe)
-fixed some crashing bugs
-Painwheel's Pinion Dash (down, down, K) is being changed to down, K (I believe that's the input) and activates once 4 kicks are input within 36 frames (I think that was the amount), also it's cancellable into some normals
-assists will have more mapping options
-PS3 ranks altered
-more regions
-working on making pause menu not appear as an option in training
-Lobbies and additional online features will have to wait as the guy responsible for all that is working on the PC port