Friday, June 13, 2014

Bandai Namco celebrating one year anniversary of Tekken Revolution

It's been over a year since Tekken Revolution was released as a free-to-play fighter. Bandai Namco is celebrating the milestone with a new campaign.

One year old.

Tekken Revolution has reached the one-year mark. On June 12, 2013 the free-to-play title was released on the PlayStation Network. Now that a year has passed, Bandai Namco is celebrating the feat.

The official Facebook page of Tekken has unveiled a new one year anniversary campaign. Below are special events and dates that will run during the campaign.

● Raised maximum player level to 75
● Raised rank cap to "Yaksa - 26 Dan"
● 50% Discount on "Costume Set 1" - 6/17(TUE) ~ 7/01(TUE)
● Premium Ticket Gift - 6/17(TUE) 00:00 UTC ~ 6/24(TUE) 23:59
● Blood Seal Winner - 6/24(TUE) 00:00 UTC ~ 7/01(TUE) 23:59 UTC
● Mokujin Festival - 6/27(FRI) 00:00 UTC ~ 6/30(MON) 23:59 UTC