Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poll Results: Are you getting Ultra Street Fighter IV?

Capcom has released another iteration of Street Fighter IV today. FightVG asked you readers if you would be purchasing Ultra Street Fighter IV. Get the results inside.

The results are in.

Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV) was released today (June 3) on Xbox Live and PSN. PC gamers will have to wait until August 8 to download USFIV.

While many within the fighting game community (FGC) were excited for the release, the more mainstream crowd didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm. Some were happy with character balance changes as well as some added features and modes such as offline replays, online training and Edition Select. Others were airing their gripes with Capcom's continued work on the Street Fighter IV series, one that began in Japanese Arcades in 2008.

FightVG asked you readers if you would be making a purchase for USFIV. Leading the poll with 62 percent of the vote was "Yes." The "No" option came in second with 23 percent and "Undecided" earned third with 15 percent.