Monday, June 16, 2014

PandaxGaming reveals tomorrow's (June 17) UFN card

PandaxGaming has another Ultimate Fight Night event lined up for tomorrow. Check out the full card inside.

"Who will emerge a champion? Fight!"

Another Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) is set to take place tomorrow (June 17). The event will feature high level Ultra Street Fighter IV play. PandaxGaming's official Facebook page provided the full card.

Here are the matches, in no particular order, that have been booked:

Panda (AR) (Bison) vs Low Tier God (Rolento) - Grudge Match
CORN Alucard (MI) (Hugo) vs AG Native (NY) (T-Hawk)
PIE Chin (NY) (Cody) vs Brolylegs (TX) (Poison)
Free Sykklone (GA) (Adon) vs Bifu Coach Steve (NY) (Blanka)
Bifu Spab Rog (NY) (Fuerte) vs MLSwear (TN) (Hakan)
DSC Sonyono (MD) (Ibuki) vs VolcanicAkuma (Akuma) (MA)
ASAP Rabbitto (CHI) (Juri) vs DRD Magnegro (AL) (C. Viper)
PIE Smug (NY) (Dudley) vs DSC Shinphoenix (GA) (Vega)
Brentiscool (SoCal) (Rufus) vs 801 Strider (UT) (Abel/E.Ryu)

Fernando's POV: This card looks insane. It's always a treat to see Smug steal the show with Dudley and Spab Rog vs. MLSwear should be a nail biter. We'll provide the live stream before it airs so check back on the site.