Monday, October 8, 2012

Full UFN 4 card announced for Oct. 15

"The stage of battle is set."

Earlier today, it was revealed that Vangief and Filipino Man would face off in the main event of Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) 4 next Monday (Oct. 15). PandaxGaming has took to Twitch to reveal the full main card for the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012 (AE v.2012) event.

Once again, UFN will feature the heavy hitters of the fighting game community (FGC). Names such as Native Impact, DMG Lionheart, DRS Chris and more will be featured.

Check out the main card below.

Main Event
Vangief (Gief) vs DRS Filipinoman (Rose)

Co-Main Event
Native Impact (Hawk) vs Chin341 (Cody)

Grudge Match
DRS Chris (Ken) vs MMS BSIDA (Ken)

Mighty Kurokiba (Dee Jay) vs IE Luken (Ryu)
DMG Lionheart (Sagat) vs Baka (Fei)

Fernando's POV: From top to bottom, the PandaxGaming crew do an excellent job with these UFN events. Their events are always stacked and even the unannounced prelims are great. The commentary is very professional and unbiased, which makes watching great AE v.2012 action all the sweeter.