Monday, June 11, 2012

Yoshinori Ono: 'Whoever told you Capcom wanted me to take it easy is lying'

Not everything is peaches and cream in the world of Capcom.

In late March, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono was hospitalized. Many speculated that this was due to Ono being burnt out. Last month he gave an update on his health status and revealed he was going away for a while.

Now that Ono has had some time to think about how Capcom handled his absence, he has come to the conclusion that the company never wanted him to take time off for his well being. Ono sounds off with Eurogamer, see what he has to say, after the jump.

"Capcom doesn't allow a trade union or any sort of worker movement you see. So if I complain I will probably get sacked. You have to say it for me, okay? I want you to write: 'Capcom overworks Ono.' That's your headline.  Whoever told you that (Capcom wanted Ono to take time off) is lying. The situation is the complete opposite. Nobody told me to take a rest. When I returned to work, Capcom didn't even acknowledge that I had been in the hospital. There was no change in my schedule. I was at home for an entire week before the doctors allowed me to return to work. When I returned to my desk there was a ticket to Rome waiting for me. There's no mercy. Everyone in the company says: 'Ono-san we've been so worried about you,' then they hand me a timetable and it's completely filled with things to do."