Friday, June 15, 2012

Update plan for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition revealed

It ain't over.

Thanks to fan support, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike hasn't faded into obscurity. Not by a long shot. In fact, Capcom and developers Iron Galaxy, have plans to update the title.

Dave Lang took to the Iron Galaxy blog to unveil the details. See what he believes can be addressed, after the jump.

  • Replacing Ping Colors with actual numbers (in milliseconds)
  • Matchmaking filters for region (can be set to same region you are in, or “any region”) & ping time
  • Lobby can be restricted to players from same region as you, or any region
  • EX Bars correct length
  • Improved Netcode (I talked about this a bit during the panel, if you want more details please refer to that)
  • Max 8 lobbies visible bug on PS3
  • Disable Stun as a Training Option
  • Rounds and Time Settings affect Arcade
  • Default Gill to “banned” in Player Match
  • Multi-match modes retains player’s super choice
  • Rank Cap resetting to 0
  • Option to disable the Challenge HUD from the sides in modes where they are visible
  • Investigate Gameplay Speed issue.  We’re not sure what to do about this currently but agree it’s a “Big Deal.”
  • Investigate Dropped EXs.  Having trouble reproducing this, if anyone has any tips please get in touch.
  • Investigate Player Color Choices being reflected in HUD (character portraits).  We can’t use the original portraits due to the DLC we issued, so we need to find a way to integrate this into the existing portraits.
  • Investigate Lobby ready/unready on separate buttons.
  • Investigate Urien’s Refelctor 2p color issue.  We need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
  • Investigate Ryu’s bag not flopping over properly.  Need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
  • Investigate bug where P1 & P2’s characters can swap colors.  We can re-pro this occasionally, so hopefully we can squash it.
  • Investigate Save State in Parry Training bug.
  • Investigate Consecutive Wins not being correct.  The reason it’s broken now is related to a choice we made about multi-match modes, and it’s clear our choice was incorrect.
  • Investigate Mute/Mute All for Online Modes (PS3 Only).
  • Investigate Sound Cutting out mid-match.  We’ve seen this, but it seems pretty rare (therefore hard to catch/fix).
  • Investigate Poison/Roxy 2p Color.  Need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
  • Investigate “Trashcan” Shoryu.
  • Investigate players getting kicked to player select inappropriately in online matches.
  • Investigate possibility of refining “region” choices more than “North America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong.”  This would be closer to the Skullgirls style of matchmaking, but is a bit more work than our proposed solution.  If it is possible we will do this, as we agree it’s a “better” solution.
  • Investigate higher resolution for YouTube videos on 360.
  • Investigate graphical glitch in Remy’s stage w/ Scan Lines on.