Monday, June 4, 2012

THQ gives up UFC license to EA, receives 'undisclosed cash payment'


It's something that THQ, Electronic Arts (EA), and the UFC are doing in the video game market. With the co-founder of Naughty Dog, Jason Rubin, taking over as THQ's President, big changes are coming.

In fact changes such as this one have already made their mark. THQ has relinquished their rights to publish UFC games to EA. THQ received an "undisclosed cash payment" from the video game sports juggernaut.

While the move may have been sudden, THQ's UFC Undisputed series wasn't going to last forever. With issues such as record resets and the inexcusable server crashes UFC Undisputed 3 has been experiencing since the game's release in February, the ride was coming to an end.

The company that now has the rights to publish UFC titles is what's somewhat shocking.

EA Sports may be the wise choice with their EA MMA title being a favorite amongst hardcore fans, but the company and UFC President Dana White have never been on good terms. Back in 2009, White claimed EA brushed off the idea of a UFC title over a decade ago, because they felt it wasn't a real sport.

The two will just have to get along now.