Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KoF XIII: Airwalk Bug (Video)

Remxi has uploaded an interesting King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) glitch that he stumbled upon while recording combos. It's titled, "Surprise Rose Airwalk Bug." You can check out notes from the uploader below the video.

Notes by Remxi
1. Shows how to setup the bug. You must be in neutral when the fireball hits after the recovery roll. Crouching, walking forward or attempting to jump will cause the SDM to combo as normal. Whilst the screen is zoomed in it is possible to move anywhere in the stage. If you are past where the usual boundary is, projectiles will not be created. Using a neomax will reset the screen position and force both characters back onto the screen. The hits from the Surprise Rose are unblockable and will blow through attempts to autoguard or counter them. Trading a jump attack with King such that only one hit of Surprise Rose connects will cause the player to momentarily stay in the air until they return to neutral, thus by ensuring you never return to neutral you can stay in the bugged state indefinitely.

There are a lot of exceptions to this however, certain attacks/throws will move you back to the ground at either the start or the end. Jumping works as normal but your jump arc will lead you back to the ground. Aerial (or partially airborne) special moves work in strange ways specific to each special. Kula is an exception to the neutral rule, she can stay in the bugged state without pressing anything (possibly other characters, I haven't tested everyone yet). This particular setup does not work on Billy because apparently his recovery roll goes further than everyone else? (will probably work with a different setup).

2. Iori's Scum Gale was the only move I found that would keep King on the same plane (she also needs to avoid neutral). Being hit seems to return you to the ground immediately.

3. Every character that can chain lights has an infinite in the corner with this, this is just one example. Joe's Bakuretsu Punch is also an infinite due to no pushback.

4. Normal/Special/Super throws all work provided the grab hitbox is still in range.

5. King is invincible to attacks/throws until she returns to the ground, the exception being anywhere juggle attacks like K' SDM. When K' whiffs the end of the SDM like that he can stay in neutral without returning to the ground (attempting to move from neutral to walk or crouch will cancel it though). Using the same setup but freezing K' slightly higher in the air will cause all but the first hit of the ranbu section to whiff (possibility for more crazy bugs by trading with parts of his ranbu).

6. Some stupid fun by setting the CPU mode to "Forward" in training options.

I've barely explored the possibilities of this bug as I wanted to get the info out ASAP, but there should be some really cool combos that exploit this, and possibly a pathway to create different bugs.