Monday, January 9, 2012

Apex 2012 Results: UMvC3, AE v.2012 and MK9

Apex 2012 has come to a close.

The biggest Smash tournament of the year was also being dubbed as the "Road to Evo 2012," because we also saw Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3), Mortal Kombat 9 (MK9) and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012 (AE v.2012) action.

Top UMvC3 players such as Chris G, Noel Brown, Masta CJ and others participated. Chris G also participated in the MK9 and AE v.2012 tournaments. He was joined by Dieminion, Arturo "TS Sabin" Sanchez, Sanford Kelly and others in AE v.2012.

See Apex 2012 results below:

First Place: DRS Masta CJ (Dormammu/Magneto/Wesker)
2nd: UVG Noel Brown (Wolverine/Frank West/Wesker)
3rd: Alukard (Wesker/Iron Man/Super Skrull, Nova/Iron Man/Super Skrull, Jill/Iron Man/Wesker)
4th: AG Demon Hyo (Magneto/Wolverine/Chun-Li)
5th: LB Chris G (Wesker/Ryu/Hawkeye)
5th: Ray Ray (Ryu/Magneto/Sentinel)
7th: Sean Y (Vergil/Taskmaster/Wesker)
7th: IGT Unknown (Nemesis/Sentinel/Wesker)

AE v.2012
First Place: Dieminion (Guile)
2nd: LB Chris G (Sakura, Adon, Abel)
3rd: FNEX K-Brad (Cammy)
4th: EMP Santhrax (Sagat)
5th: TS Sabin (Dhalsim)
5th: Meteo (Vega)

First Place: vVv CD Jr. (Jax, Smoke)
2nd: LB Chris G (Reptile, Noob Saibot)
3rd: vVv REO (Kabal, Sonya)