Tuesday, January 24, 2012

King of Fighters XIII: Basic Duo Lon guide (Video)

King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) can be a difficult game to learn. That is why Hard Edge Official and At The Gates make guides to make it easier for the gamer. This one features Duo Lon and includes a description of each combo.

See the description below:

Description by At The Gates
1. The Bread n Butter with the double teleport:
cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,3xQCF+P,QCF+B, C(c),QCF+B
- if you go for a cr.A after it (which is the safest option), they can reversal, backroll, or backdash (which you can all beat if you expect it).
- you can go for a smalljump j.D instead of a cr.A if you expect them to block.

2. BnB into Projectile
cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,3xQCF+P,QCF+B, C(c),QCB+A
- a good, safe alternative, also hits people in their jump startup if they don't respect your pressure and try to jump away.
- can easily be confirmed on hit into a combo of your choice. on block pressure continues
- beats several reversals such as kyo's SRK+C (keep in mind that this is one of the slowest reversals though)
- can be punished by quick reverals and generally reversals that move the character horizontally (98 Iori EX Dragonpunch etc.)

4. 2-Stock BnB
cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,3xQCF+P,QCF+B, QCB,HCF+PP.
- you need to reverse the input for the super midscreen since you end up behind your opponent. make sure to learn the distance to the corner where the input DOESN'T switch (because your opponent will end up with his back to the corner).
- sets up the crossup bug (see below).

5. other combos
f+A,QCB+B kara-cancel f+B,QCB,HCF+P(P)
you need to cancel the back teleport while it comes out with f+B. if you do it right you won't even see the teleport.

5.a. the crossup bug
you can crossup an opponent who is getting up if you stand right next to him, do a CD and cancel the CD into QCF+A (you have to input this as QCB+A) before the CD actually hits. This leads to a nasty 50/50 between an attack from the front or the back. Keep in mind that if you go for the 2-Stock BnB, you will often end up with your back to the corner. while this is the perfect opportunity for the bug, don't forget that you can always be severely punished if your opponent blocks a rekka with his back to the wall.

6. other combos
- cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,3xQCF+P Drive Cancel QCB,HCF+P (this combo can be found during the section about the crossup bug). Although it deals a little less damage than the next combo for the same meter, it sets up the crossup bug midscreen.
- cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,QCF+PP,QCB+A, link cr.A,3xQCF+A,QCF+B, reset
- cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,QCF+P,QCF+P Drive Cancel f+PP(2 Hits),QCB+A, link D,f+A,3xQCF+P,QCF+B, reset
- cr.B,cr.B,cr.A,QCF+PP,QCB+A, link cr.A,QCF+P,QCF+P Drive Cancel f+PP(2 Hits),QCB+A, link D,f+A,3xQCF+P,QCF+B, reset

6. HD Combos
- D, BC(activate),D, [f+A,QCF+P,QCF+P]x6 Drive Cancel HCB,HCB+PP
- D, BC(activate),D,[f+A,QCF+P,QCF+P]x6, QCF+P,QCF+B, QCB,HCF+PP
- D, BC(activate),D,QCB,HCF+P Max-Cancel HCB,HCB+PP
- D,BC(activate),D,[f+A,QCF+P,QCF+P]x5,QCF+P,QCF+B Drive Cancel QCB,HCF+P, Max-Cancel HCB,HCB+PP
- D,BC(activate),D,QCB,HCF+PP Max-Cancel HCB,HCB+PP
- D,BC(activate),D,[f+A,QCF+P,QCF+P]x6, QCF+P,QCF+B, QCB,HCF+PP Max-Cancel HCB,HCB+PP